Reviews / Endorsements

In Dare to Respect, Tammy Oberg De La Garza masterfully leads the reader through observing the frustration, heartache, and joyful transformation that occurs when wives begin to understand their husband’s need for respect. Realistic, thought-provoking, and relatable – Dare to Respect provides many “me, too” moments that will encourage readers and small group participants of Nina Roesner’s The Respect Dare study as they seek to apply the biblical principles of respect in their marriage.

~Shaunti Feldhahn, social researcher and best-selling author of

For Women Only and For Men Only

Tammy did a beautiful job of bringing in just enough detail about each woman and their circumstances to allow the story to be real to you and keep you following without crossing any lines of impropriety or “too much information”. I was drawn into the story of each of the six women and the struggles that they faced. It was very well written and I would recommend this book.

~Tiffani Graves, author of My Beloved is Mine 

I was on a Spring Break trip with my two daughters and brought this book along on the beach, expecting it to be a quick read. I enjoyed the story line so much, and even sacrificed some quality time with my girls to finish it. The book is hopeful in that it points back to our true source of fulfillment, Christ, and it removes pressure from expecting our husbands to provide where they cannot. I appreciated the fact that the characters were not perfect, that they allowed each other into their lives and were open to change, and I loved that the characters were wildly different from one another, so the reader should be able to connect with at least one character.
I would recommend this book to any woman who has been married for more than five years, it is a refreshing read with an important message.

~Jennifer Marion, author of  How’s Your Love Life

What I really liked about this book was how REAL it was. This book wasn’t fluffy – in fact it covered really serious and common issues that many married couples face, such as infidelity, pornography, alcoholism and co-dependency. Not every story had a happy ending, just like in real life. However, this book wasn’t heavy. ‘Dare to Respect’  also featured a very interesting and diverse group of women with different ethnic and religious backgrounds. In this way, I think it is a novel that most married women could relate to.

~Sarah Wilson, author of Lattes Laced with Grace