How to make your husband WANT to spend time with you.


This week I took a day off work to help my husband.

He was tackling a small paint job and asked me to join him.

I didn’t paint.

We didn’t talk much.

My biggest contribution was driving to the Hardware store for a needed item.

The rest of the time, I just kept him company – on the drive, at the paint store, and at the job site.

BUT in his meal prayer over our late lunch, Rey thanked God for the wonderful day he was having with his wife.

Say what? IMG_4531

He was thankful for my help, but I didn’t use any of my ‘special’ skills or knowledge yesterday.

I just witnessed the work he was doing.

Think about the last time you were present with your husband – no phone, distractions, or chatter.  Has it been a while?

Dare you to be a witness today to your husband’s activity – whether it be outside in the garden, washing the car, basement or garage – be present and appreciate him.

Dare you!



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