How Long Are You Supposed to Wait?


I wasn’t going to stand around and wait any longer!

We were stuck.

I got sick of waiting for him to change.

And so, she left him.

 Dreaming of change

This notion of wanting a change in your marriage is the dream of many women.

Some are waiting for their husbands to find the Lord.

Some are waiting for their mate to stop drinking.

Others are waiting for their husbands to get jobs.

Many are just waiting to hear, “I love you.”

Ouch. That hurts. And longing for a positive change in your marriage is painful.

So how long does a wife have to wait for that change? When is enough, enough?

Let’s look at one woman’s story

Anne had been married to her husband for almost 20 years, and over time he’d progressed from a social drinker to a full-blown alcoholic. She was waiting for him to hit rock bottom. She prayed for it.

Nothing was happening, except loud, embarrassing scenes in public and shameful antics at home.

One night in desperation, she called out to God, “Do you see what is happening to my life? Don’t you care how much I am hurting?”

God’s response to her came through the words of a wise Christian sister, “God doesn’t want you to give up.”

Her advice? Pray until something happens.

The woman wasn’t happy with that answer. But she prayed. And fasted.

And waited on the Lord. hourglass-2846641_1920

And waited…

And waited…

And waited…

14 years passed while she waited and prayed.

God saw it all – every tear, heartache, empty bottle, and unkind word. He watched her pray. He observed her obedience. Then He blessed them both.

Her husband was saved and then became sober.

Today, they are experiencing a brilliant season of wedded bliss. Together they minister to other married couples facing hardships.

If she had left him, she would have missed the miracle.

She may have never experienced a fulfilling and vibrant love she never thought possible.

She was obedient and WAITED!

We are impatient people expecting a pain-free life. Remember Sarah and Abraham? They were incapable of waiting for the promise of a son – and used Sarah’s handmaiden, Hagar to bear Abraham’s son. Things didn’t turn out well for any of them, and the conflict borne from Ishmael’s line continues today.

Despite their lack of trust and ability to wait, God blessed Abraham and Sarah with a son – when Sarah was 90 years old. Another miracle!

We never want to wait, but in marriage our best decision is to turn to God for the answers.

What does He say about your situation?

How does He want you to respond?

What blessings are coming your way if you are faithful to His promises?

It’s not an easy challenge but,

I dare you!


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