Church Lady with a Mohawk?


Last week, I got a haircut.

A really edgy haircut.

Less edgy, more ‘jump out of a plane” cut.

First question from my stylist?  “What do you think your husband is going to say?”

I didn’t know.  But I wasn’t worried. He’s been encouraging (well at least accepting of) my unconventional looks for years.

Throughout my life, hair has been an outward expression of my inward journey:

Age 7:  traumatic cut so short I wore a scarf all summer

Age 16: short and platinum, bleached from hours of swimming in chlorinated pools.

Age 21: curly and platinum – desperate to look cool in the clubs

Age 35: Pink Mohawk in rebellion to an unwelcomed diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

Mid-40’s:  long and black – embracing femininity by adding lipstick and jewelry


Today @ 48:  Embracing strength and my identity in Christ


What?  A Jesus Girl sporting a radical haircut?

You better believe it.

Why not?

Why not?  Because women in church have long hair… and wear dresses, right?

Because wives are supposed to blend into the background, right?

And wives who submit to their husbands are weaklings and doormats, right?

Hmmm… maybe it’s time to clarify a few things.

Wives who respect their husbands demonstrate a strength of character and trust in God who commands us to respect.

Wives, respect and obey your husbands…

1 Peter 3:1a

…and the wife must respect her husband.

Ephesians 5:33b

The Bible has commands for husbands also, but regardless of how our husbands respond to God’s directives, His directions to wives are clear – we should respect our husbands.

It takes incredible courage to put our faith into action and trust that God will take care of us… regardless of the imagined outcomes.

To be clear:



Respecting my husband does not involve brainwashing. Or mute silence. Wives can respect and submit to their husbands AND express their ideas – even when they conflict with their husband’s. But when we do, it must be in truth and love.

Much like sporting hairstyles that conform to society’s norms, demonstrating respect for my husband does not come naturally to me. It doesn’t for most women, either.

The very first woman, Eve, didn’t respect and defer to her husband when tempted in the Garden of Eden. She took the lead and dealt with the serpent herself… and things didn’t end well.

When it comes to respecting our husbands we have the freedom to choose.

Respect or don’t.

Obey God or disobey God.

Your choice!

I hope that you make the un-natural choice of respecting your husband this week. This bold move is quite possibly as daring as my new haircut…

Dare you!




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